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Originally Posted by willyt View Post
very interesting project - you noted that the diesel will be left stock without turbos, but in on road vehicle applications i thought the LMM had a single turbo.

The kodiak LMM looks to be rated at 620lbs of torque, which certainly isn't double what the big block put out, shoot my MCX is rated at 365 lbs.

The most important choice will be the prop and transmission gearing... since the LMM hits its max torque around 1,600 rpms i'd have to imagine a HUGE prop or a geared up transmission, with the red line at 3,250 rpms you'll need to have a plan for the top end too

We will be running the LMM's factory single turbo with a possible twin turbo set up in the future. Our X80's V drive should be able to handle 450 ft lbs, however a different ratio will be needed to optimize the lower RPM. With a stock block and heads the Duramax motor is capable of producing around 650hp or 1200+ ftlbs with proper tunning and turbo's. This motor will not be tuned for max HP just max efficiency.
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