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I too have too much *stuff* and I do a lot of remodeling so I have need for storing stuff of similar categories. Example I have a box of copper sweating supplies and another box of PEX supplies. This way when I get to a place where the stuff is needed, I have everything in that one (or two) boxes.

So I came across these stackable and dividable boxes at and they work great. So now I have boxes with stuff in them like an entire box of blue painter's tape (I get it for free. ). And another box for all other kinds of tape. A box for waxing supplies, a box for supplies for covering up my blueberry plants, a box for painting supplies, drywall tools, etc. Over the years the number of boxes has grown but they are nearly indestructable and they can be stacked to the sky. The labels on some need to be updated, but overall it provides a nice neat and clean way to store a lot of stuff.

The only downside is they are not cheap. They are high quality and so quality costs $$$.

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