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Originally Posted by horseshoept View Post
You mean before you put a new gasket between the pump and the gasket, there wasn't even a gasket there?
Yep, there was no gasket! Someone (I'll say some idiot) took this apart at one point before I owned it and didn't put it back together with a gasket.
I didn't know (at the time) that you can see approximately an 1/8" of rubber around the outside of the fuel cell when it's installed. I'll bet I could see it from 30' away now, knowing what to look for.

Originally Posted by Stefan View Post
Why is "lake tested" the phrase that always comes to my mind when I see such things

On the tank it looks like there used to be one gasket outside the screw holes, on the pump it looks like there used to be one inside of the screws, maybe there were two gaskets there...
There is only one gasket... under the flange. There are large captive washers with the screws. Maybe the color difference is from seepage. eek.

Originally Posted by Cloaked View Post
A perfect example of why I decided to move my battery from the confined space where the fuel cell sits. Another shout-out for using a blower each and every time you use the machine.

This situation had several opportunities for possible incident without any warning.

Glad you found the issue and resolved.

I always use the blower. Quite often I forget to turn it off once underway and only notice it's still on when I shut it down. Of course I just have to turn it back on before we start again.

The only time I had ever smelled fuel was when I was filling it. I assumed it was just from filling. We never smelled fuel out on the water, or when I had the engine cover open at any time.
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