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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
You could always go with an aftermarket fuel injection system that would have the harness and ecm everything for plug and play, holley, edelbrock etc. but you would need to research if its coast guard compliant.
Do those aftermarket systems run closed loop, or is there a way to make them run closed loop? I have a very "general" understanding of how this stuff works, do the aftermarket systems eliminate the need for O2 sensors and all that stuff, or will a MAF or MAP sensor need to be added as well as O2 sensors. I assume that the old engine would have used at least a MAF or MAP sensor, which would probably be interchangeable between systems, but if O2 sensors are required, you'd have to drill into the risers or somewhere.

Please educate me on this I know pretty much nothing about aftermarket systems.
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