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Bad crack in my teak platform

'00 MariStar 230 VRS with the "louvered" style teak platform (i.e. all of the planks aren't butted up against each other).

I had a pretty substantial crack (8" or so) show up right in the middle of my platform. It's all the way through the lower piece and partway through the top piece on the outside edge. There are no signs of impact and I believe that it's too large and across two separate pieces to be due to it drying out. So I guess it's just a combination of age and person weight on top of it.

Not sure if it could be a factor but I remove it and stand it up against the wall in the garage when the boat is parked due to the lack of clearance at the rear of the boat.

Anyway, I think I'm just going to screw a steel mending plate on the bottom to get me through the rest of the season or at least until I'm more motivated to deal with it.

The good news is that I have a table saw, some decent wood working skills and access to a router. So, I figured I could pick up a piece of teak, rip it into 2 pieces and cut the profile using the old pieces as a pattern with the router. Am I on the right track with the permanent repair here? How hard will it be to remove the glued together components without damaging the good wood? What's an appropriate adhesive when reassembling? I've done some googling and it seems like the consensus is that due to the oil content of the wood your only option is marine epoxy and SS screws.

Is a teak deck board from Home Depot/Lowe's acceptable? I've read in other threads about adding a "transom saver" strip of teak on top of the platform and that's what some people did. I will likely do the transom saver at the same time.

In the attached pic ignore the stuff in the background. I rotated the pic so that the platform is oriented as it would normally be on the boat.
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