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Originally Posted by Knox's_Better_half View Post
I looked at these and they seem pretty cool. My question is are they really as good as they claim to be. And how are they in expense wise compared to a gas grill. Gas refills vs the lump charcoal...etc??
I've never owned a gas grill, never will, so I can't compare costs. A 20 lb bag of lump charcoal is about $10-$15 and will last a long time. I got tired of dealing with tons of ash, rust, and replacing Weber kettles every couple of years and switched to the BGE a couple of years ago. IMHO, it's every bit as good as they claim it is. It has exceeded my expectations in every way.

As mentioned...gas = convenience and that's about all there is to recommend it. Nobody buys a gas grill because they prefer the taste to charcoal. Personally, I've always felt that if you're going to cook a steak on a gas grill, you might as well broil it in the oven.
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