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1996 Prostar 190 on-going general refurbish

One of my good friends bought a 1996 Prostar, new, back in that year and he and one other of my friends hit the local N.E. lakes pretty regularly to ski together. Many early mornings glass-lake outings later I moved from N.E. to the west coast, and although I'd had several boats in the past, I never owned a Mastercraft, but loved his boat. After getting settled in we purchased a cabin in the mountains near a lake, and so I began my search for a fairly low-hours 95-96 Mastercraft that I could enjoy, and as much as I'd hoped it might not need much TLC, I knew given the years I was looking at I would probably find one that needed some work. Since I love working on nearly anything and everything I buy to bring it to new-like condition rather than spend a ton on new, I was ready for what I might find.

After looking at a lot of junk, I found a '96 Prostar 190 LT1 in the high desert with about 500 hours, and it was pretty much what I expected condition-wise. I'm still working on this boat here and there but have made a lot of progress. And because I used this forum So much once I bought the boat to get as much insider info as I could, I wanted to give back some on my experiences with some dialog and pictures that might help someone else as much as you all helped me (thanks guys). Sometimes it's tough to carve out a weekend to write and post with all the family challenges.

So here's what I got to work with. The hull and outside of the boat is pretty clean, but does need some minor gel coat repairs that I'll do in the spring, and I'll add to this post as I do more.

Inside carpeting is pretty tough as you can see, and upholstery is pretty faded (although not torn anywhere):
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1996 Prostar 190, LT1

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