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Originally Posted by BriEOD View Post
I've decided to give wake surfing a whirl in hopes of getting my wife hooked on it. I have been a few times behind my friends boat and have read some different threads on here and other boards. I purchased two good sized fat sacs that I intend to put in the back and side of the 205, respectively.

My question is in regards to a board. I see them from $200-700. I assume it is much like regular surfing in that the bigger the board the easier for beginners. So, I need something for beginners that is going to serve us well. I see the "Blue Lake" has gotten great reviews but it is about $600 after shipping! Any suggestions or things to stay away from would be appreciated.

i have a blue lake and love it. i ordered mine direct from inland surfer and he gave me a really good price but shipping was something like $75.00

i looked over on and you can get it shipped for $520.00
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