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Originally Posted by BG1772 View Post
Your profile says you have a 2001 xstar, so I'm assuming that is the boat we are taking about.

I just did my interior last year, so I am all too familiar with the pain of taking the sides out of the bow.

Start by removing the center piece. To do this pull the bottom corners towards you. They are only held in with automotive door panel connectors. After that the whole piece slides up. It is held in by some L brackets.

Once that piece is out, you will see a 6" hole. If you are lucky, this hole will be big enough to get to the bolts in the top corners of the sides. For me it was not and I used a jig saw to oblong the hole.

You will need to remove the speakers to get to two more bolts. The remainder are on the back sides.

Good luck. Those were the worst for me to get out.
Finally figured it out. Do you have any idea how the heck you get the front grab rails off? I don't even know how they put them on from the factory since there is no real access point. I tried the speaker hole but its just too far. I really need to get these off so I can powder coat them and cut and polish my boat right.
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