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There is a slide/ toggle switch on the amp for the crossover setting. There may be two high pass switches depending on your amp. One is for rear other is for front. Make sure you flip both if you are using both front and fee channels. Then you adjust the crossover to your liking somewhere between 80-110 is usually pretty good. That is usually a dial with a screwdriver port aain may be (2) of them for each feont and rear channels so adjust both if you are usung both.Depends on what you are looking for. For simplistic sake the higher the crossover in that range the less distortion at super high volumes will occur because you are eliminating lower frequencies which will distort first, but at a cost of loosing certain frequencies. There really is an exact science to tuning but for most using your ear will get you in the ballpark.

This also has to do with music choice as well. If you listen to a lot of bass heavy stuff and are a really cranking on the stereo you will benefit from running a higher crossover frequency to prevent distortion coming quicker. This is due to those lower frequencies making it through. If you listen to a style of music with much more pronounced highs you can back off and stay lower on the crossover. That 80-110 range on high pass is a good mid road. Experiment a little. There are a ton of "tuning your stereo" topics to help you get the basics on here. Just do a search. Again that is just a quick laymen's explanation of what kind of things are effected by choosing what's right. I am far from the expert like Jim, David, or MLA.

Something else. If you are looking to get sound back to the riders you can generally gain a bit of volume by running a bit higher crossover setting . In the open air with all the noise the lows don't generally make it back to the rope anyways so it's not too big of an issue. However if you just want volume n sound quality for hanging in and around the boat the lower crossover setting will work and sound better

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