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Originally Posted by JMLVMI View Post
I've seen a few posts about Deckadence in here with some references to "Spaghetti Mat", so I looked into that and want to pull the trigger on a roll of it to do my own install. Anyone on here gone this route and have pictures and advice? Specifically:
  • What brand did you order? I'm looking at Crown Matting Technologies 131 unbacked spaghetti mat
  • Did you paint a design on it? I want to make a big MC shield stencil to make it look like factory
  • Did you add buttons? My current snap in carpet buttons are still in the floor and I want to know if I should use them or get rid of them
  • Any other advice and gotchas

Here's the best price I've found so far...either going to order a 4x20 roll or get a custom cut.
Did you ever do this? I'm looking into this for a winter project.
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