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40th anniversary edition (wifes 40th)

I need help! Wife's 40th is coming up in roughly 30 days!

What I know:

My 40th = '02 x-star and a dinner plus a vintage mahogany skateboard

Her expectations/request:

No big parties. Small family and maybe a friend.

*****Nothing boat related...

Trips - form of time share
SUV - form of New Expedition or the out of budget Lexus 570

I need to give her something while we wait for the new Expedition to come out!!!! The Timeshare deal is not something I can just buy her.

Need help!

My thoughts:

Host a small dinner (9 people)
Provide Food, her favorite Cake, her favorite wine

And then what? The above sounds like a regular birthday. I suck at this stuff!
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