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Originally Posted by Thumbs View Post
In a fit of youthful exhuberance, I cranked the Hawaii 5-O theme music while my buddy was surfing. After about 15 seconds we lost stereo power and I have not been able to find a fuse for the dang thing. The circuit breaker did not trip and I have looked under the dash, both sides, but have not been able to find either of the 2 fuses, 15A and 3A, that Clarion indicates are part of the system.

Anyone know where to look to find those fuses on an '07 X-2/Maristar with stock stereo?

Did the head unit go dark or was it just the audio that stopped? If the head unit went dark, the fuses will either be on the harness or the back of the head unit itself. If it was only the audio being interrupted, you need to go to the amp(s).
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