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Originally Posted by Rockman View Post
One thing that I need for the boat is a new winch strap. I was going to replace the strap with a new one since a new one is only about $20.

If I decide to replace the entire winch, what has everyone been buying? I like the black Fulton ones...alot more stylish that the old, basic, silver ones.

What weight capacity would be right for a 94 190? Or at least a minimum weight capacity?


I actually went to Lowes and found a winch there for pretty cheap (I also had a Gift Card too so that might of swayed me a little ) Anyways, I think the capacity is pretty low, Edit: my old one says 1,300 lbs. I took a pic of my old winch.....I'll dig it up to confirm for you.

Battery....well I'll give you my 2 cents too. I've heard a ton of stories about Optima. I have two yellow tops in the suburban and blazer but I've already replaced the suburban one once under warranty. The only advantage I've seen is that when the stereo is cranked (3 amps) my headlights don't dim to the drum beat anymore with the yellow top. Other than that, I see no other difference.

For some reason, I've heard that Costco has some real good batteries and better warranty. I just replaced our dinky Lexus battery with a Costco one. Dealer and Napa wanted $130 for a 2yr warranty battery and pro-rated past that. Costco was $69 for same size and 3 yr warranty, then pro rated.

My boat, I honestly don't know what battery I have but it hasn't failed yet!
- Jeff

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