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Originally Posted by madcityskier View Post
What they're saying, is that not many of us are running at 49 with someone in tow, in fact most of us can't run that. These boats were not designed for those speeds. The difference in 1/2 of a mph while wakeboarding at 20 would likely be much more notable than the 2 between 47-49 while barefooting in my experience.
Oh I understand what theyre saying, and I agree about the precision at ski speeds being king. If a compromise needs to be made at either extreme (high vs. low speed), and this change effects all of the Airguides that Dean makes, my point is that those of us who can run higher speeds probably care about that more than the 0-5mph range. Heck, I run about 5mph while in gear, at idle... and the Airguides arent accurate that slow anyways.
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