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Originally Posted by TURSTY View Post
So is it the heater return line that is restricted? I.e. the amount of water passing through the heater core is slowed down?

I have Ball valves in both the feed and return line to the heater incase of any potential leaks/hose failiers, so I could use the return live ball valve to restrict the flow if needed. Might have a play around and see if it makes a difference next time Im on the river.

Yes, the return line is restricted. I can't recall how small the hole is in that limb of the Y fitting that SkiDim sells. When I installed the Y fitting, converting from the stock OEM configuration, I just detached the return line from from the circulating pump and plugged the hole, rerouting the return hose to hook up to the Y. A few mfgrs put that Y fitting in when they install the heater option. It increases the heat output at low RPM quite a bit but it doesn't get as hot as any car I've ever had.

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