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Originally Posted by hig View Post
Very nice project!!! I've been going thru my Maristar I bought this spring and my one big piece of advice for you is label, bag and take pics of EVERYTHING that you take apart. I've done a pretty good job recording things with mine but I could have taking more pics, the nice thing with a digital camera are pics are free but for reference they are priceless!!

Good luck and keep the pics coming!!
Thank you hig, I have followed your build since joining TT. I appreciate your insight & detail; it has helped greatly already. Yes, the wife has already "asked" a few times for her sandwich bags back.... she just shook her head when I handed her one full of bolts. She should be used to it by now, but... o-well. I have stepped up my game with the pictures, it is just hard to stop & snap pictures when you get into the zone while working.

Originally Posted by jsturvey View Post
Great platform to start with! Going to be a nice boat when you are done. Keep at it and it will all be worth it when it's finished. Don't be afraid to take the baby out when it's done either. Had my son out at 8 weeks old; now 2 year later, he is a boating addict. Good luck with the build. Congrats on the baby!
Thank you, that’s what I keep telling myself when faced with another stuck bolt!
I grew up on a trimaran down in St. Croix as well as playing around on skiffs & old aluminum V-bottoms in Galveston bay, so I want the kids to have some of the same experiences I hold onto (other than breaking down in my old 14’ V & waiting for an hour or so for someone to pass by & tow us in..). To have the connection and respect of the water at an early age is important.

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