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Bad TPS, transmission or mechanical transmission linkage?

First time posting on here but have used team talk extensively looking for quick fixes with great success! Thank you for the great advice on here from contributing users!

My family has a 2005 X-star (MCX 350) that has been a total lemon. Bought it used 5 years ago with low hours (120) and have not had a season where it didn't have an issue. Dealer is 4 hours away so it is quite frustrating especially with our short season in Ontario. Love the boat when it works but has been a total pain! Been to the the dealer once already this summer with a break down and we now have encountered another problem last weekend.

We have had a continual issue where sometimes when the boat is put into neutral we will get check engine. The boat will then not respond when put into gear in netural or reverse after check engine code is flashed. We usually then turn the boat on and off and the code will disappear and the boat will work fine. We asked the dealer to look at this earlier this summer when it was there for another break down issue which was fixed. Of course when they took the boat out for a test drive it would not flash check engine when put in neutral from gear so the problem was never solved.

Last weekend after getting a check engine in neutral I turned the boat off and on and started pulling a rider. Pulled for rider for about a minute followed by a fall. Pulled up again and the boat lost all power about 15 seconds into acceleration followed by the engine revving very high. The boat had obviously slipped out of gear. I put the engine in nuetral and it stayed running. Turned the boat off and on and tried to go into gear and the engine would just rev. Tried a few times on and off and putting in gear with no success. All gauges were fine, temp, pressure and volt.

I have been snooping around on here and feel like it is the TPS sensor. We were originally only having issues while in neutral shifting into foward or reverse but now the boat won't even go into gear at all. Has the sensor now completely failed? I will be trying to find the lever on the tranny to switch it into gear this weekend manually to rule out any transmission problems (I'm skeptical of this as it was just at the dealer and they checked the levels and they were fine).

If anyone could weigh in on this issue it would be much appreciated! I'm sick of having a dead boat! Just want to wakeboard!

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