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Originally Posted by FrankSchwab View Post
Normally with a relay, you'd need at least three connectors on the bottom - one for +12 to activate the relay (grounded through the case), and a guzinta and guzouta terminal. With only two terminals on this one, I'm at a loss - perhaps a circuit breaker (although it appears to be labeled with "12 v", not a current rating), perhaps something else. Really hard to tell.

I figured it out!! After reading your post I thought about it differently, I was thinking it was like a circuit breaker (but not marked with amps) or a noise supperessor and it was feeding the stereo power but it's getting power FROM the stereo.

I was planning on buying one of these and I knew the "box" looked simular but I did not put it together:

It's an alarm buzzer!!. It's getting power from the stereo, going thru the buzzer to a normally open grounding sending unit!!! I applied power and it make a vibrating buzz sound.

When I reassemble the motor I will have to look for 1 or 2 not factory sending units.

Mystery solved!!!
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