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Originally Posted by MariStar-Man View Post
I'm making a list of stuff i need.

Fuel filter
Cap and Rotor
Marine Oil
Transmission ATF DExron l l l 4.2 quarts (5) quarts
Transmission filter

Suction device for tranny

Anything else I should get?


Don't get hung up on "marine oil" - there really is no such thing. The oil that's recommended for your engine is 15W40 with API specs CI-4/SJ. That is more typically labeled as a "diesel" oil.

The "suction device" isn't just for the tranny - it's for removing the engine oil too. Get a fitting so that you can hook your suction device up to your engine oil drain hose. Warm it up, hook it up, and suck it up. DO NOT put the suction pump's tube down the dip stick hole - connect it to your oil pan drain hose. Here's the fitting for that...put the barbed end in your suction pump's hose and screw the other end onto the drain hose. It's a 1/4 inch NPT barbed fitting and will cost about $2 at your hardware store.

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