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Originally Posted by milkmania View Post
I hit it....

at one time while still married, we had 3 suburbans sitting in driveway.... we looked like Reps for OPEC
when actually, they were all paid for and had little to zero maintenance issues.... so, we had
1) no car payment
2) very little maintenance/repairs (pretty solid vehicles)
3) liability insurance (because no note payment to lender)

so, we may have been paying more for fuel, but we were saving money in the other areas

now, put together
1) car payment
2) repairs (if it's beyond warranty)
3) full coverage
4) fuel

and see who comes out ahead
I'm up to 265k miles on my 2001 Tahoe with a 5.3. I've gotten as high as 21 mpg, but usually 18.5 these days. Fuel pump went at 225k.
The rear main seal always dripped a bit, but recently the oil pan and another gasket starting leaking badly so I bit the bullet and had a repair shop replace the rear main seal and the oil pan gasket, not a drop since. Other than that, everything else is original (except tires, brakes). It has been a great vehicle.
1988 Tristar 190 Sport, 351W w/GT-40's, 1:1 Velvetdrive
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