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Originally Posted by jmhjgh View Post
Any comments on the alternator possibly causing weird problems? The materials question on the schraedar valve was around if the material between the fuel filter casing and the plated schraeder valve are compatible.
Yeah- wrong voltages will cause all kinds of problems and there's not much possibility of knowing exactly what will happen because there's the possibility of not only higher DC voltage but also AC and there's really nothing on a boat that runs on AC.

I know of people who had things silver soldered using various metals but they weren't plated. I bought one at Ace Hardware with a brass body. As long as the valve won't leak, you could mount the T block on the hard line, as I posted before. I don't know who decided to omit the valve on production boats, but it doesn't seem like a good idea, even from the standpoint of service techs having to waste time installing one. As far as the fuel line repair kits working reliably- I used one on my Chevy pickup because I couldn't remove the filter (the joys of Wisconsin Winters, you know) and it hasn't leaked. That doesn't have a Shrader valve, either and it has always annoyed me.

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