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Originally Posted by Credo View Post
The only question that I have with using a car multiport injection system ona boat would be the 02 sensor. I know that Ford ECU's take their main readings from the MAF and O2 sensor wouldn't a wet exhaust system corrupt the reading from the 02 sensor? And make the engine think its running rich?
You could run it without the sensors. it would be in open loop and would set codes, but it would run fine. The maf was not used on the older speed density system, but that system is calibrated to the car or trucks camshaft. I think the boat cam would run ok though. I don't know how the prograqming would translate form a car or truck, to a boat though. Ive heard its a bad idea to install automotive efi on a boat. probably cheaper and less headaches to upgrade to a new boat with efi. You would need lots of new parts, intakes, new fuel pump and lines, ecu, a wiring kit to make it work. would have to find a dry sealed place for the comupter.
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