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OK, just back from France and 10 days with the boat SUCCESS!!!

Managed 10 hours of running and got it running sweet as.

So... I took over a load of service parts (Fuel Filter, Dizzy cap & arm, leads, plugs, alternator belt, starter motor, alternator) and swapped them out... only to find the engine still ran a little lumpy (but better), it would run to 3100rpm rather than 3000rpm... not a great deal of improvement but some. Checked the timing, bang on but when I started it with the paperclip jumper it missed and I had to give it a little rev's to start... this got my mind ticking over a little, it smelt a little rich so checked the plugs expecting sooted up new plugs but No.1 was perfect, No.3 again perfect... got a little confused by this point... all were spot on until No. 6 and 8, wet.

Double checked the firing order, swapped leads for 6 & 8 over and started the engine. No vibration, no missing, purred like a kitten. Took it up the lake, 4700 rpm and 75kph / 47mph on the phones GPS.

One VERY happy boater

Moral of the story, if someone else has touched your boat, check EVERYTHING if there's a problem - even the silly stuff that you would not have touched yourself
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