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Originally Posted by Theclarks1111 View Post
Jerseydave, what kind of top end speed do you get with your LT1. I just found a 94 prostar 190 with the LT1. The owner is claiming 47mph. I feel like that might be a bold claim. What are your thoughts?
Not sure what my top speed is on GPS, but it will hit 47 on the speedo, maybe more. (calibrated by GPS)
I need to get out there this season and record my top speed just for kicks. My prop is not new, so I want to replace it first.

Any '91-'94 for near $6K is a great buy.....I didn't think they would sell that cheap.
How much is that '94 LT-1? Is it a powerslot? (actually for footing a 1:1 trans might be better anyway).
I was njskier on here.
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