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I had a 89 TriStar for 6 yeasts, a 95 200VRS for 7 years, the 03 X2 last year and now a 07 MariStar. My personal favorites have been the 95 200VRS and the 07 MariStar. The MariStars just fit my boating life style better although there is very little difference between the new X2 and the MariStar with the X2 package.

The one thing that sunk the 03 X2 for us was the wind shield position on the passenger side. If you were sitting looking at the skier you could rock back and hit your head on the wind shield frame. This happened to my wife while in some rough water which pretty much ended the 03 X2 for us (strange how little things like this can change a women's feelings towards a boat). At any rate it was an easy sell to get the new MariStar.

The new MariStar with it's expansive seating area, comfortable dry ride and long list of features has quickly become our favorite MC. If you can find one in your price range I would highly recommend checking one out.
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