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Thanks JimN and Rossterman, sorry about the rant but I am so frustrated at the amount of time and money I am throwing at this boat. I do appreciate your replys!!

While the motor is a generic block, it is the Mastercraft specification / indmar electronics that seem to be causing the issues. I know these motors should be reliable which is why I bought one.

The Temp sender unit was replaced with a generic unit that was close to origional but not exact, so I replaced with an Indmar version. Boat does same with either Temp sender unit.

Melbourne does not get below freezing so I am not sure if the diaphram at fault. Started boat this morning on the verge and Oil guage is working again......? Might have to order a new MDC and guage pack.

Hose split at shower connection, plastic connection failed. Trans oil cooler checked and cleaned before it was put into the water.

We had an over fueling issue and the PO decided to take 3 turnes out of the fuel pressure regulater to try to reduce the overfueling. Now back to Standard

Checked code this morning = 44: (seen this one before and replaced MAF sensor)
Did not know if this motor has an O2 sensor.. Maf Sensor is new. Fuel Injectors are new, Fuel Pressure is 30psi across the range (approx at 4500rpm as it was hard to hold on at WOT and the motor popping and stuttering). Have run several tanks of fresh fuel, drained and cleaned fuel tank and replaced fuel filters, and cleaned fuel pump wire mesh. Cant understand Lean condition with black smoke out the back that smells like fuel.
Maybe the fuel pump is failing and is intermittant causing lean conditions then over fueling?
Trouble Code 44 indicates that the O2 sensor is showing a persistently high exhaust oxygen content (lean), despite the efforts of the ECM to increase injector on-time (thus increasing fuel delivered). Integrator and BLM numbers may indicate > 128 by a substantial margin.
The conditions for setting this code are:
no Code 33 or Code 34 (MAF Error) present, and
the O2 sensor voltage remains below 250 mVolts, and
the ECM is in Closed Loop control, and
the above conditions exist for more than 50 seconds.
Typical causes for this code include:
1) O2 sensor defective or lead shorted
2) Lean injectors (dirty or blocked)
3) Water in fuel
4) Exhaust leaks upstream of O2 sensor
5) Fuel pressure or volume too low
6) MAF sensor reading lower airflow than is actually present

Appreciate any ideas? Just not the one that suggests I take it into the MC Stealership....
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