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Im in motorcycle and boat sales .. Just do your RESEARCH..if your a qualified buyer. Take your closest 2-3 dealers talk to sales manager say hey im getting ready to purchase an x10 with what ever options you want and say hey who ever has the best price is this is who I will buy from Yes it is a different way of negation, but to me it shows a commitment from a dealer to you. one for wanting your business and two if they care about you as a customer to make want to come in.

If a sales person or manager is "to" busy to do a 20 min quote how do you think they will be when you have a real proab in the future. If you have all the money and dont care about price then just totally disregard this .. but you be really surprised who in the end will go the extra mile to EARN your business not just have it sat in their lap and make a FAT paycheck.. because by the time they hold back on the trade and stick you for full price on the new one they can make 10-15K. and to me thats just money I dont have to pay or just put in my pocket. Like i said all determines how hard you work for it.

PS you will always get a better price for your boat selling private and sounds like you have a hell of a boat id try and sell it by your self first. unless you still owe more than its worth or anything crazy like that and need the trade .. But thats enough of my ranting good luck
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