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I've had both -- my current trailer is tandem. The only advantage I can see for the tandem is increased safety/peace of mind. I can't say it rides noticeably better. I'd imagine your fuel economy will suffer with the tandem since it's heavier and has more tires on the pavement. This would also adversely affect acceleration and hill climbing unless you have a strong tow vehicle. Of course, one factor in my case was that I also went to a heavier boat (190 to 197).

Moving around in the garage by hand will be tons more difficult, if not impossible, for your tandem. I can barely move my 197 around manually in my garage so I have to angle it in just right with my truck -- pain in the butt. My old 190 with the single trailer could be pushed all over the place with one hand.

That said, if you tow alot on longer trips, I think the safety advantage will outweigh any fuel cost and maneuverability issues.
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