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Surf Tabs

I thought I remember a thread a couple years ago about this and spent some time searching but couldn't find it.
I am taking delivery on a 2011 X-45 tomorrow and the boat was originally ordered by the dealer without surf tabs. He is willing to put the larger 2012 surf tabs on the boat, but is offering me money back to not do it. I know MC is putting larger surf tabs on the 2012 models and have read that the 10' and 11' models tabs weren't that different than not having them at all. My question is should I take the money and forget the tabs, or have them install the tabs like we already agreed upon? For those that have had and/or used the 10/11 vs. the 12' models, can you notice a difference with the larger tabs? My first thought is to install the tabs unless you guys can talk me out of it.
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