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Originally Posted by chevy08bud
I second what ps205 suggests, use a monoblock sub amp. You won't be dissapointed. I'm in KC, where are you?
I'm from Oakley KS.

That is a Good Question. i see your point . I was thinking the 4 channel because at first i will only have the one sub and bridged would have 200w to it. but if its not enough i could add another sub on the other side of that 4ch amp. I don't have that amp yet ... should i consider another option? i would want an amp with 200-250w/ch to push sub.

And yes I still have stock 70amp Alternator. I'm not sure yet if its big enough or not. I will have starting battery and isolator and then Good Aux battery for stereo. I don't plan on having engine off and stereo on for 3-4 hrs at a time. more likely for 30-45 mins while playing in water then back up to wakeboarding for an hour where it could be charging.... Do ya think 70 amp Alt. is big enough for the Job?

Thanks for your help.!!
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