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Originally Posted by Double D View Post
That's the most idiotic article I partially read. The guy obviously has a gripe with the great State of Ohio and knows nothing about the people that live there.
Hmm. you sound a little sensitive

Lighten up, it's in jest and just trash talking. From a meatchicken guy. The author is an equal opportunist when it comes to poking fun at fan bases. if you didn't notice, it's a top ten list. He hits on a bunch of people, not just Ohio. Here's the #1 - Alabama. Where I currently live. And you can see the other top 10 at the bottom of the article (since you didn't read that far).

And as someone who is currently living in Alabama, the funny thing about these articles is there is just enough familiarity to real life. He magnifies that 10,000 times and that's what makes them funny. Kinda like The Onion.
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