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Originally Posted by KahunaCraft View Post
one final note, I saw this picture of the inside of the cooling hoses ...

That's what I meant by soft hoses that collapse.
That looks like an exhaust hose and the damage inside looks like it overheated, badly. That's about the only reason these go bad although if left long enough, an impeller that's not supplying enough water will do the same thing when the engine is run at high RPM.

That's just one of the other things that causes problems when someone leaves "an old impeller that looks good", but isn't.

To those people who want to recommend using an impeller for more than a year, save it- you're giving out bad information, based on your own experience of owning one, or a few boats of this type. If you want to do this with your own boat, that's fine but without seeing what's going on with someone else' boat, it's bad advice.
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