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Originally Posted by mzimme View Post
So should I just not look at the 5.3 at all? I'm not going to be towing across the country by any means, but I'll probably take trips up to maybe 6 to 8 hours away occasionally. Will it handle that?
The only issue I have with the 5.3 is it has had 'piston slap' since about 80K. Just let it warm up and it goes away. I've been told the 6.0 also has piston slap as well.

When I tow I'm nice to my truck and don't try to make it go 75 mph up hills towing my boat so I may not be the one to speak to regarding power. It has been enough for me. I was pleased with it's performance towing my boat to Columbus last year for the Buckeye Bash.
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