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Originally Posted by 02ProstarSammyD View Post
Can always buy my yukon with the 6.0.

With all seriousness I love my 6.0. Have 120k on it and not a thing has had to be done besides routine maint. It pulls like there isn't a boat and when I pull with a buddies 5.3 its a big difference.
So, what's your mileage?

I also have a 3/4 ton 2004 and really haven't had too many repairs. I have the 8.1 (3.73 gears) and obviously, tows awesome! Gas is about 12 MPG though average. Towing the boat at 75MPH I get around 8-9 MPG.

Issues I've had at 105k, fuel pump replacement, both front wheel bearings, and I'm pretty sure they are now going out again. However, I do have larger tires (305's) that can contribute to the wheel bearing wear. Engine, tranny, rear end are great and very solid. Normal oil consumption is 1 quart per 2500 miles and has been that way since I bought it with 18k.

4 wheel disc came on 2000+ trucks.
- Jeff

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