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Yep it's an 02, not sure how came up with 03. I pulled the heater already, the hoses were cut, so I suppose it's junk, I haven't tried to tear it apart yet, I figure when I'm ready I'll see if i can flow water through it, give it a little pressure test and see where I'm at. Darn things are too simple for what they charge for them, kind of think like the ballast pumps you just can't replace or repair the broken parts inexpensively. I really like having a heater in the boat, but all funds go into gettin the boat running and on the water so I can use it this summer accessories like stereo, ballast and heat will have to wait.

Thanks for the offer 02ProstarSammyD, I might take you up on it, but will probably just buy new. I should check to see if the head unit is any good...Most likely not, considering that pretty much all the accessories I have found are worn out and broken.

I keep telling myself not to curse the previous owner about how he treated this boat, because I wouldn't have this project and be into a the boat I was going to work up to. I am cursing the dealer for not selling them a closed cooling system on a known saltwater boat and selling them a terrible trailer.

I also think it's a testament to MC build quality that the hull is as good of shape as it's in considering the abuse and neglect.

When someone asks that question why not put a non-marine longblock or shortblock, my answer would be because all the fasteners and brackets involved are stainless or cad plated, not to mention the other corrosion proofing that we don't know. I thought for sure I'd be buying a broken,stripped bolt extracting set from the snap-on guy by now. Only have had some sticky stainless screws from the interior parts.
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