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Originally Posted by Rossterman View Post
One consideration is the old sub was powered by a arc audio 600watt 4channel amp (i'm thinking 2 channels were bridged for the amp (through the equalizer as it has a subwoofer volume control) and the other 2 channels were sent to the 4 tower speakers. Tried another speaker on the subwoofer wires and no sound. Not sure if there is a fuse blown somewhere or some channels of the amp don't work.

Was thinking if the amp turns out ok, i could add a descreet subwoofer amp and rewire the 4 cabin speakers (stock clarions) to the amp for better sound then i'm getting running off the head unit. Does this sound workable? I mean, can you connect two speakers to each channel (bow and cabin) to one channel on an amp without overloading it?

Thanks for all the help and suggestions
How well the amp handles speaker loads depends on the design. Some handle it well and some puke as soon as they see 2 Ohms. First thing I would do is check out the ARC amp to see if it works at all, then how well it works. I just installed a Fusion Electronics amp yesterday and it was very good. Fairly new company as far as the US market but the MS-DA51600 puts out 80/ch x 4 plus 240 x 1 and it's bridgeable, has HP/LP crossovers, comes with a subwoofer level control, it's small, made for marine and is less than $400 if you buy it from some dealers. I like it and I'm pretty dam picky about this stuff. This one went into a Mainship 32' and it's connected to the sub, a pair of Fusion speakers in the saloon with two pairs of speakers (wired parallel) on the fly bridge. We didn't need to turn the volume controls for any of the 4 zones past halfway (we're using a Fusion Electronics MS-IP700 head unit).
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