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[quote=Rossterman;838127]Just bought my first mastercraft. Came with clarion M255' arc audio 600watt 4 channel amp, 4 6.5 arc speakers/ cans on the tower, arc equalizer, stock clarions in the cabin and a bazooka marine non powered sub enclosure stuck under the driver side bow cushion. I must say, for $2,500 it sounds terrible. Checked the sub and was 1/2 full of water and not working.

So, to my question, there seems to be a cutout for a sub in the drivers footwell- what do folks recommend putting in that would help improve the sound of this system?

Also, i think they have the 4cabin speakers wired to the head unit and the amp driving the sub and 4 tower speakers. Is this the best way or should i rewire differently?

Any thought or ideas would be great!



If you want a lot more volume from the speakers that are connected to the head unit, you'll definitely need an amp. 50W won't be enough, even though you'll hear a difference in how loud it is. All of the speaker channels except the sub(s) should be run using the high pass filter. 80W-100W/channel would be a good number unless you want it really, really loud and that will be a good way to have PO'd homeowners and boaters in the area.
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