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Originally Posted by FancySauceRules View Post
I have a 2008 X-2 and have had the issue once. I don't think it is confined to just your boat. My dealer told me it can occur by leaving some excess gasoline around the gas cap, but not limited to that. I just leave my gas cap slightly less than nuts tight, and haven't had the issue since.
I've been doing additional reading on the subject and have seen a post where a 2008 boat, not an x-1 however, had a full tank of fuel vent liquid fuel out a vent line that was on the stern and ruin his decals.. But that boat obviously has a thru-hull fitting on the stern. I'm not near my boat right now, but don't recall a thru-hull fitting for a fuel vent anywhere, and am beginning to believe my boat isn't vented, and that this is how it was designed..

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