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MasterCraft Skier/ProStar/ProStar 190: A History (1968-2009)


This is the third hull history thread that I have pulled together, the other two being:
1995-97 ProStar 190/19 Skier/SportStar 19/ ProStar 195/X-5: A History
1996-2000 ProStar 205/205V/Maristar205/X-star/X-2/X-1: A History

This one – “MasterCraft Skier/ProStar/ProStar 190: A History” - is something that has been suggested by a number of people, on a number of different threads, on a number of different occasions. But this one was the most difficult to do as information on the older hulls is difficult to find. As a result, what follows should be treated as a DRAFT framework for others to comment on – think of it as a collaborative work in progress. Please feel free to comment on both what is here and what is not here. My hope is with some review and input from others that a decent history of these extraordinary boats can be produced.

As with my two previous efforts, I loosely based this summary on the excellent example put forward by NSXBill on the ProStar 205 and have noted all the sources I used for my research at the bottom.

I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of ETS in fact checking and proof reading the first release!

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