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Once I got home in early May the rush to get the boat finished got kicked into high gear! We wanted to bring it to a lake trip the first weekend in June. New alternator, starter, fuel lines, fuel filter, air/water separator.... the list goes on and on! Had a few hiccups getting it going but it fired right up as soon as we realized the shut off valve was closed on the fuel line lol. Water tested it and broke the motor in for 8-10 hrs constantly varying the speed and RPM's.

Then the real fun began.... cleaning it. Ordered up a ton of stuff from Performance Boat Candy and went to town cleaning it over Memorial Day Weekend... my grandpa even stepped in to "show me how it's done" haha. He's restored 25+ classic cars throughout his life so he helped a lot! After buffing it we put new drip molded decals on both sides of the hull and the transom, unbolted and re-aligned the windshield due to a huge gap, cleaned the vinyl and conditioned it, and washed the trailer.

(I'm the red headed one with the gray shirt and the guy in yellow is my friend. We are the ones who bought it together.)
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