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Originally Posted by Phntmski View Post
The Vault is a UFP system for lubing bearings. Ut uses a hybrid lube that basically turns to oil bath when it heats up going down the road and gels up when cooled down. Supposed to be very low naintenance. CTW sells it as well. Did you go with that and why or why not?

Write up from CTW web site:

The new "Vault" Hybrid Lubrication System. This new system uses a hybrid oil that adjusts to temperature, and is under pressure in the hub. Warranted for 5 years. No Maintenance! No sight glass for inspection. Custom wheel covers are OK, no access to the oil is necessary. An extended warranty is available from UFP covering the Vault for a full ten years! See for full details on the "Vault".
I wasn't aware of the "vault" type hub but after looking at it on CTW website, it looks like they are being used for "torsion type" trailer axles. I did not see anything for my era of trailer using the vault system.

I probably still wouldn't of bought them if the price was different. I'm not worried too much with 4 wheels now on a lighter boat (94' 205). Heck, my 3/4 suburban does a very decent job stopping the boat as-is (with no brakes). Having disc is pretty much a bonus for me really.

Just getting new bearings, hubs and calipers gives me a lot more piece of mind....
- Jeff

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