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If you unhook the line coming off of the reverse solenoid that goes back towards the axles and pull the pins through the tongue; you should be able to slide the whole inner part (slides in and out to activate the brakes) out of the tongue and replace any parts as needed. You can get a whole new inner member that would make replacement a breeze, or you could get individual parts like reverse solenoid, actuator if you need it, shock absorber, etc. Replacing the individual parts as needed would be cheapest, but replacing the whole inner member includes all those parts and is really simple. This page should have about everything you need ... Pacific Trailers.

This will be the first time I have had functioning brakes on a boat trailer with either of the two I have owned, and it has never been a huge issue, so I don't think its the end of the world to do if that's what it takes to get on the water. I do pull mine with a 1 ton diesel though.
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