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Originally Posted by MariStar-Man View Post
I'm making a list of stuff i need.

Fuel filter
Cap and Rotor
Marine Oil
Transmission ATF DExron l l l 4.2 quarts (5) quarts
Transmission filter

Suction device for tranny

Anything else I should get?

You don't have a cap and rotor. Your ignition is a distributorless setup that uses 2 crank position sensors located on the harmonic balancer that signals an ignition control module to fire 8 individual coil packs located on the right side of the engine (same side as oil filter). Your engine uses Chevy Vortec heads which were used in '96-'99 Chevy pickups and SUVs. Just read the number on one of your plugs and you'll be able to pick up replacements at your local auto parts store for probably a little less than through a marine place.

No need for marine oil, really. Just use 15W-40 diesel oil and a good Wix or NAPA Gold filter. Here's a quick oil change write up I did: Your camshaft is a hydraulic roller, so there's no brutal flat-tappet lifter contact to worry about anyway.

Also, make sure you note which way the impeller blades are twisted before you take out the old one when you replace it. You'll need to spin the new impeller in to clock the vanes in the same direction or it can fragment.

You got a squeal? Check your serpentine belt and see if you've got an idler pulley in there. I can't remember based off mine if the LTR uses one or not. If the boat got wet in there and sat the idler pulley bearing can seize and cause a squeal. Just one more thing to check for.

I also seem to recall reading on this site about an alternator bracket recall, so if yours is broken and your alternator is cocked that could cause some squealing.
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