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Originally Posted by helton333 View Post
I know it is becoming an issue on my lake as far as surfers not staying away from docks - when the rollers come through, the wood docks are shaking so violently that there is no way they are going to stand up to that kind of wake with nails holding them predominately together. I fear it will be outlawed as some point here. The thing I try to tell people is just stay in the areas where you don't bother landowners. We have a house and dock and I can tell you, KNOW ONE that owns one would sit there when those rollers come through and say "this is not harming anything" -

Not trying to be controversial, but it's an issue for us and some courtesy to just simply stay back and away from the docks could help tons. If not, I am sure the TVA will step in and come up with a plan that nobody likes.

I am all for everyone enjoying the water (ski, tube, board, surf, fish, pwc, etc.) but it is getting ugly on our lake and I am afraid that some people with no respect or some people that just don't know better (common sense) are going to ruin the surfing opportunities for others that do have common sense and respect.
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