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Originally Posted by Astepatatime View Post
I'm sure the surfers who got up early on their Saturday to do something they like just missed the sign that said only skiers get to use the lake in the morning. They were probably excited to also have some fun on the water and just didn't read it.

Sorry for the sarcasm, but these kind of posts (and ridiculing people who are beginners and take a clinic to learn?) kind of push my buttons. I understand your point and I hope your lake is big enough where they could have gone to another section and not ruined the glass for you. They probably aren't skiers and don't understand the problems they caused.

I have, on rare occasion, vacated a cove to allow others to wakeboard and/or ski and hit the main channel to surf. Again, it's a rarity that I do this but at the end of the day the early bird gets the worm on the water.
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