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Mastercraft Prostar Trailer Fenders

I just boat a 1990 Prostar project on different trailer than the original. And the original fenders came with it. I thought about adapting them to the new trailer, but decided someone might be looking for a pair. They are single axle, white in fairly good condition. Make me an offer! Ill be looking for a new carb for the boat soon, so Im willing to trade a bit too. I can get some pics towards the end of the week for those interested.

This is the only biggish crack. I think the other cracks are in the paint or clear coat. The fenders are pretty dang solid.

And then here's one of the 3 bad spots that the previous owner created when he torched the bolts off the old trailer. Id be surprised if it didnt clean up quite easily with a sander and such. Cosmetically the fenders arent perfect, but structurally they are pretty solid. Gimme an offer, Im not sure where to begin pricing these. Like I said, I need a good carb and a decent exhaust manifold and riser.

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