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Originally Posted by Forrest-X45 View Post
Very nice collection!!! I can see where your loyalty resides. Nothing drives like the Ultimate Driving Machine. Are you a member of the BMWCCA? I have been a member for 14 years and still have my first one; E36 M3/4 - it used to be my daily driver now it's more of weekend track rat. Got my eye on a few E92 M3's in the area.....Drool. I am more of a NA guy and not sure I like the idea of the triple turbo I6 coming in the new M3.
I have been a CCA member for 10 years, served on the Iowa Chapter board of directors for 3 years, and was named member of the year 2006. Yeah you could say im in the club. Its a family affair as well, if you add in parents and siblings we have 10 total.

The E36 M3/4 I posted was my first one as well, and was a daily driver until about 6 years ago when it got the track treatment. Its a 6 pt cage and window net away from being legal for IP in CCA club racing. The pic I posted is on our half mile Nascar track here in Cedar Rapids where the SCCA holds a few very fast autox events every year. The car likes the big tracks a lot more, but my wallet likes autox more.
I love my E46 M3, but its borderline too heavy to enjoy. Nothing like dropping the top and stirring the gears myself with 333hp at 8000 rpm. That S54 puts a smile on my face every morning. The E92 seems to be the logical evolution of the E46 with the high revving NA powerplant, but Im afraid it might be too heavy. Im sure when the E46 starts to look a bit dated I will shop the E92s but not yet.
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