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Took it back out to the lake last weekend, and spent a little more time trying to see what was going on....
I found that it stumbles/backfires any time you accelerate quickly from idle. If I start from idle, and get on it, it will pretty much stumble/stall and possibly backfire every time. (I think it's through the carb, not the exhaust, so maybe backfire isn't the right term?) If I accelerate slowly/gradually, it's fine.

(Good news is it still pulled well enough for the kids to board, and I even got a good ski run in.. My 8yr old mastered getting up on the wakeskate, and my 4 yr old has the skis and kneeboard all figured out.. )

Anyhow, back to the issue....
So I did a compression test. They were pretty much all at 135 psi +/- 5.
So I think I'm OK there...

One thing I noticed when warming up the engine before the test is that the right side exhaust riser was warmer than the left side. Both were still cool enough to touch, but one was noticeably warmer. All the plugs looked OK, so I'm pretty confident they're all firing... A few weeks ago the engine was running hot, so I changed out the impeller.. The old one was pretty chewed up, so I'm sure I've got some pieces of impeller clogging the water flow. I don't think this would be the cause of the hesitation/backfire though?

I got a new distributor cap, since the existing one is at least 7yrs old, and possibly 23. It looks OK though, so I don't think that's the issue.. Don't have new springs for the advance weights yet.. Anyone know the source for those? Certainly need to replace them...

I guess the next thing I'll check is the float levels, maybe I got them too low when redoing the carb....
And I guess I'll probably try to check for vacuum leaks/intake leaks...

Any other ideas of what I should be looking at?

(I don't really know what I'm doing, but I hate to pay someone 100 bucks an hour that won't necessarily fix it either... Last time I paid a dealer 500+ to fix it, they rebuilt the carb, but didn't check the filter on/under the fuel pump.. They didn't fix the issue, and when I figured it out (by reading this forum), I found that filter to be rusted and disintegrated. Called the dealer and they said "we didn't know there was a filter there, that's a really old boat"... Since then I've tried to educate myself and do my own maintenance..)
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