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1990 Tristar hesitation/backfire

So my 90 tristar (351w) is acting up again...

First of all, it's been hard to start since I renewed the carb last year. If I floor it twice before cranking, it will start every time. I know with a carb engine you have to do this when it's cold. But I mean even after it's been pulling the kids around the lake for an hour. Stop the engine while they climb back in, and it won't start unless I first pump the throttle once or twice (prior to turning the key) to get a good squirt from the accelerator pump... It used to start with just a turn of the key.
I can live with this, but it may be related to my real problem...

This past weekend after puling the kids for a few hours, it started to glass off, so my wife wanted to ski..
She said hit it, and as soon as I tried to pull her up, the engine stumbled and backfired.
Of course I dragged her underwater a bit, she cursed me, said "hit it" again, and I pulled her up a bit more gradually, and away we went..

I was up next, and of course when she went to pull me, it did the same thing. Backfire, stumble, face full of water for me. After a few tries she managed to pull me up...

It idles ok, pulls the kneeboarders OK, but when I try to get on it with a load (anytime I pull a slalom skiier), it wants to stumble/hesitate and sometimes backfire.

So.. what should I be looking at?

I double checked the timing, it's at 10 degrees. Not sure about advance, I looked under the EI rotor, the weights and such look OK, but one spring is definitely not right (somebody must have replaced it) and it's too big, not doing anything. But the other spring is good, and if I push them out, they spring right back. I know I need to fix this, but this has been this way for the 7 yrs I've owned it, so I don't think it's the problem? (surprised I didn't notice when I switched out to EI last year though.)

I guess I just don't know if I should be suspecting the carb or the ignition or a head gasket or something else..
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